Water Heater Specials

A special promotion for a 40-50gal. electric or gas water heater installed by the Elite Plumbing Professionals. This is $50 OFF the original price for a limited time and includes delivery of new water heater and disposal of old. Click below to print coupon or call us and let us know you seen our ad on our website!

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Residential & Commercial Plumbing

ELITE Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is your trusted plumbing contractor for the Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma! We offer complete solutions for residential plumbing services. ELITE Plumbing is equipped with the right tools, certified plumbing experts, and the knowledge for any plumbing problems.


ELITE Plumbing & Professional Drain Cleaning services manufacturing plants, office spaces, and a variety of other businesses. From new commercial projects to pipe leaks, we can help you! Give us a call for an on-site evaluation.


Drain Cleaning

ELITE Plumbing is a licensed reputable plumbing company trusted by homeowners & business owners for ALL drain cleaning needs. Our Services include: sewer drains, faucets, sinks, toilets, showers & tubs, waterlines, pipework, disposers, dishwashers, and septic tanks.